Music and Memory at the Library

What is this program?

Being a home caregiver for a friend or a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s is challenging. Experiencing a loss of connection during care can be heart breaking. There is something you can do to reconnect…and it starts with music.

With the use of a personal music player and over the ear headphones, you can incorporate music into daily care. Research shows that by regularly offering a personalized playlist to someone struggling with memory problems, new opportunities for connection can happen, along with an increase in participation in the activities of daily living.

Westchester Library System is here to help you…

      • Find free music with your library card
      • Build and manage a personalized music playlist
      • Load your music playlist onto a portable music player
      • Borrow a music player and headphones with your library card
Music and Memory at the Library Flyer

Who is this program for?

Caregivers to people living at home with dementia, alzheimers, or other memory loss.

If your loved one is staying in a facility please reach out to the staff to see if they can establish a partnership with the nationwide Music and Memory program

How can I get started?

Call 914-231-3237 or email to get in touch with someone at the Westchester Library System. We will walk you through the details of the program, take the first steps towards building a customized music playlist, and coordinate loan of a portable music player if needed.